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All the staff here are friendly and ready to help. The focus is on making a fun safe environment for children to learn and play in. 

Every member of staff employed by Ajani has to undertake a thorough job application process to ensure that we only employ experienced, passionate specialist/coaches who have worked with children before. Character references are always requested prior to employment and a full enhanced DBS must be completed prior to working for Ajani. All coaches are required to attend a Ajani Training Course where amongst other things, matters of health and safety and child protection policy are discussed to ensure that every member of the coaching team is fully briefed prior to working with children on a Ajani course. 

Come and learn about the people who work here.​



Maureen is the manager of the Ajani Womens Centre. She is a driving force behind all activities offered by the centre and works to keep the centre running smoothly.


Georgina is the deputy manager of the Ajani Womens centre. She also acts as a Key Worker to help support the children in the nursery.


Sami is the Nursery Officer in the Ajani centre. She looks after the nursery children as a key worker to help each child become familiar with the setting and to feel confident and safe within it.


Samira is a Playscheme volunteer.

Fathima and Shannon

Fatima and Shannon are two apprentices of the Ajani centre, working in the nursery while they learn the skills needed there. Both apprentices are also Key Workers but will be given extra support in the role due to being apprentices.

Call Us: 0116 212 4498  /   info@ajaniwomencentre.co.uk  /  3 Mill Hill Lane Highfields Leicester LE2 1AH

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